9:04 PM


This is me, pretending to enjoy the bleak mid-winter.
(Canadians have to-- it's the law)

I love: travelling, milk chocolate, incense sticks, bonfires, starry skies, slippers.

I dis-love: clutter (unless it's on my side of the bed, then the mountain of books and paper and journals and pens and coffee mugs and wine glasses and fuzzy socks is charmingly haphazard), cooking dinner, and the smell of Scotch (I can say that: I'm Scottish....ish)

I live in a northern city in Canada in an old house with my husband and two children, and a resident magpie population that is likely plotting our demise. When I'm not writing, I'm playing Star Wars (I'm the one female character or the other) or 'Ronny the Dog' (don't ask). I also spend time gardening and planning escapes to far off lands. I have a nice big extended family and great friends.

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